A Digital Heap of Language

This work consisted of 3 digital prints & 1 static application which was projected under the 3 prints. The work reinterprets Robert Smithson's A Heap of Language in a Digital Age. Taking his original drawing and "eroding" away his work, one word at a time, I begin to reconstruct his argument in the digital age by placing them back into this Processing application, reconstructing his heap of language.

More about Smithson's work here: A Heap of Language: Robert Smithson and American Hieroglyphic
Detail of Smithson's Work here: Image Detail

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The State I'm In

In this work, I explored the concept of a Finite State Machine, which was described by Alan Turing via his 1936 Publication, 'Intelligent Machinery.' The Processing IDE, which was used to create this work, functions in a very similar fashion. Processing can be thought of a Finite State Machine in that the output (visual) changes only in accordance to state changes which are visually refreshed via the draw method.

More About Turing Here: Wikipedia: Alan Turing
More About The Turing Machine, A Finite State Machine Here: Wikipedia: Turing Machine


100 Corporations

100 Corporations was an experiment in the ability to recognize corporate logos, even when it’s been degraded to an abstract representation. I collected the logos from the first 100 companies in the 2011 Fortune Global 500 list. These images where brought into Processing and then looped. As Processing looped through the images, a blur filter was applied so that after a few iterations, the logos were degraded down to just being an abstract, almost glitch like representations of colors. After a number of loops, the processing starts over again. The most interesting thing this experiment brought to light was how recognizable many of the logos were, even after being broken down to abstract representations. This speaks towards the subconscious effect these logos create in the consumer. The pictures are three screen caps, showing logos at different states during the degradation process.

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