Turkey Glitched

Like many, I was very intrigued by the protest that started May 28 2013 in Turkey over the proposed development of a city park into a commercial shopping center. I was especially annoyed and dismayed by the lack of coverage in the American media, particularly from the major networks and sources. This left many of us relying on piecemeal chunks of information from social and internet sources such as Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. For me, this erratic searching for understanding was similar to the nature of glitch art where discrete information in a file is rearranged and the computer is left to make sense out of the erratic information to compile a whole. This series was an investigation into making sense of the horrific actions in Turkey by the government and finding a ways to represent the chaos that came from it.

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Seeing Red

Edward Snowden is someone who needs little introduction these days. Hero or traitor, his life has forever been changed by his actions. I can't imagine what life in such a precarious situation must feel like and with the whole of the U.S. Intelligence community out for him, I imagine life often looks "red."